From Dissertation to Book

Writing a dissertation is not the same as writing a book, the process of the dissertation is different in many ways. Therefore, if you want to change your dissertation to a book, you have to make some changes, in order to give it a book appearance. Turning a dissertation into a book will be different for everyone, mainly because everyone has their own unique style of writing. However, with these tips that we will give you, there should be no issues for you to turn it to a book.

Prepare the Work

You first have to gather as much information about the topic or story that you will be writing. That information will, later on, be very helpful because you will not have problems putting together well thought out sentences that have a great flow. A book should not reveal a lot of crucial information in the beginning as some dissertation papers.

Therefore, try not to reveal much information in the introduction section of the book, leave that part for later and make the introduction fun with few puzzles that the readers will have to solve in order to understand the whole picture.

Cut out Things

There are a lot of things in a dissertation that does not belong in a book, therefore you need to rework your paper and change some of it. Some of the things you will be able to change up to fit a book, however, some of them will have to be cut out completely. Look at this part as polishing your work, don’t look at it like butchering it, when you are done with this, you will see the difference and you will understand the importance of editing your paper.

Adding Things

When you are editing the text, you will, of course, cut out some of it but you also need to add something that will replace that. The first thing that you can always add is new material. You always should have new material ready to be implemented. Try adding some background material that will orientate the readers and prepare them for your book. Also, don’t forget about a conclusion, a very important part that makes a great book.